Welcome The content on e-Sobotta is presented in the same fashion as the e-Sobotta atlas: it is divided into three volumes and each volume is divided into chapters respectively. You can activate the online content with the PIN code that is printed on the inside cover of each volume. What e-Sobotta offers. Image database Download all illustrations from the actual Sobotta with or without labels. Download actual Sobotta PowerPoint-ready presentations for non-commercial use in presentations or lectures. Perfectly optimized: Download all image versions by chapter or by section. Exam coach Lecturers and students have preselected Sobotta structures that are especially important for the exams. The Exam trainer helps you gauge where your strengths lie and which subjects need more focus. Diss2go Diss2go gives you the materials you need to prepare, understand and review your dissection labs. The authors have selected Sobotta images that are specifically relevant for the dissection lab. These images, some with dissection notes, can be downloaded, printed and taken with you.